Cindy & Johann

Cindy and Johann met in Barcelona and spent the first three years of their relationship there, visiting Mallorca often and becoming increasingly familiar with Spanish living. This explains the abundance of Spanish people at their wedding as well as the napkins spinning to loud applauses and sounds of “ole” during the speeches dotted throughout the evening. Although the wedding was small and intimate, their friends and family came from far and wide to attend their special day at C’as Xorc Boutique Finca Hotel that sits high up in the mountains of Soller. Their ceremony backdrop reflected the yellow tints of the setting sun against the unique rock face along the entire mountain top peaks. The ceremony area was as unique as they are – making everything possible. The close family, along with their gorgeous baby girl, sat directly at the ceremony area facing the sea while friends sat directly across the swimming pool that is graced with beautiful statues and facing the mountains. Cindy has a special touch with children and watching the children and her own daughter interact with her, one would think that she has some magical ability to connect with them. The many children who were an important and present part of her day walked her up the aisle and brought with them a feeling of fun, joy and grace. Cynthia’s down-to-earth boho yet elegant style dazzled everyone. Johann appeared so smart and dignified in his suit and was truly straight from Italian Vogue. As the day unfolded and their guests became more familiar to me I began to feel myself a part of this togetherness of family and friends. Young, old, family, friends, they danced to the wee hours of the morning and it was a truly magical day!