Couple of Prague

Thank you to the gorgeous Couple of Prague who made this opportunity possible! Fresh and Wood & Studio Floral did a fantastic job reflecting the style of our star photographer lecturers here who guided us through their approach to photography in this live shoot. One might wonder if the Couple of Prague are featured here in these photos but they are the beautiful photographer couple who made this styled shoot possible and imparted their knowledge during The Rural Workshop.  They personally love nature and a forest backdrop. Check out their Instagram page for some inspiration! The venue La Vinyassa, located north of Barcelona near Blanes, Spain offered the perfect setting against a green backdrop and a rustic upscale setting.  The dropsleeve Victorian dress comes from the vintage shop L’Arca out of Barcelona and the stunning headpiece from Martina Dorta. The suit was made in Spain and can be found at Saverio. Not to be overlooked is the woodwork talent from Blue Daina also out of Barcelona. The colorful Morrocan styled table settings (note the nautilus!) come from Alquiler Hosteleria. H&MU was AMAZING thanks to talented Saray Dominguez! Thank you to the models Maria and Anze for their hard work and of course big thanks to The Rural Workshop for the everything!