Judy & Richard

It was a grey day and she was concerned about the weather.  “A photographer’s dream” I said. And with that we started a natural-look of hair and make-up with Laura Gisbert at 5 pm.  “No shadows and no harsh light, it’s perfect”.  The drive to S’Estanyol was unnerving – big, bold and brash raindrops, – the in-your-face kind, distant rainbows taunting me with images of beauty …and rain, and patches of blackness surrounded by light and a lot of hope.  We arrived to find dry ground there – the evenness of the sunless and grey sky showing the true colors of every plant, tree, ocean water.  And in the midst of all that greyness and soft color, this couple really shines!

H&MU: Laura Gisbert

Photography: Aimee K

Lighting: Nature