Rural Workshop

Wintertime for me is a time to intentionally refresh and recharge. January to April bring professional development geared towards activities like webpage development, SEO content, continued education, purchasing of new gear and selling of old gear, researching tips, giving workshops and being amazed by other photographers. On the side of personal development it’s a time for far away vacations, rekindling friendships, nurturing family life as well as exercise and good food. This winter and for the first time, I attended The Rural Workshop where I found the pleasurable combination of professional and personal development. It was good fun and good learning. A bit like summer camp for photographer adults. Four days of little sleep, live shoots and lectures, meeting like-minded people set against a backdrop of the Mediterranean against the sunlit blue Spanish skies. It’s a place to disengage and reconnect all at once.

Among the four workshops that I had chosen, I was one of the fortunate to attend the live styled shoot with Gianluca & Mary Adovasio from Italy. He led the workshop by talking us through his approach while shooting and was incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge.

Thank you to all of the vendors who collaborated to make this experience happen and I hope you enjoy my photos from the workshop! With many beautiful memories behind me and inspiration ahead of me, my clients will surely benefit from this experience!