Natural Childhood Expression and Unposed photography

The key to success in posing children is to do the contrary and not pose them.  So, how does that play out in a photo session?  It sounds contrary to the possibilities of capturing a photo ~ especially when working with kids under three.  The little girl in this photo below is 23 months’ old and her photos show me what she wanted to show me – the rapport that she was able to build with me during the session and the playful nature of the whole experience.  Children feel comfortable when they know the expectation is low to nothing and it’s a time that parents can really release the rules and leave the child-rearing for later. Of course, they all have their good and not-so-good moments and that’s to be expected.  To make the most out of it, parents should avoid telling their children to smile to look a certain direction or to pose.  We start the session with no props, no music, no toys and give the child the time and space at the beginning of the session to see me interacting friendly with parents, which brings a feeling of safety and comfort in the strange light-flashing studio set-up. Without a plan, without a direction (but sometimes with friendly bribery of toys and sweets  from parents;) the child shows me which direction we’ll be going!  There’s a lot to be considered as a child photographer – from age appropriate expectations to snack times and diaper changes.  The key word – adaptation!