Anna & Yves

Anna from Spain and Yves, from France, fell in love. They moved in together and had two gorgeous children, a boy and a girl. After some years of living together they had decided to make it official. For one week prior to the wedding, all the friends and family stayed at Finca Son Burguet and worked diligently preparing the most impressive styling for the wedding. Their love for vintage is reflected in the smallest details, from the decor to their clothing choices and the finca itself. Finca Son Burguet sits in the mountains of the Tramuntana. Surrounded by 100 year old olive trees, pine trees and oaks, the backdrop was green and lush. Finca weddings are my favourite and even though I only had the pleasure to spend four hours with them, I was, as you can imagine, enamoured by their taste and love for this vintage fairy tale they had created.