Mallorca Wedding Photographer

Nestled in the Tramuntana Mountains

Our lovely couple came from the United Kingdom to celebrate their ceremony in the quaint church in the small Mallorquin pueblo of Alaró followed by an epic celebration at Finca Comassema. Nestled in the Tramuntana mountains, Finca Comassema resides is an old manor house which sits in the emblematic town of Orient. While admiring the astounding views across the valley below you hear a light whisper of wind and the chimes of sheep bells from all sides. Ancient olive trees surround every side and grow between the crevices of the grey rock that is typical of this valley.

Bridal preparations took place in a private finca in the picturesque valley of Soller. The classical bridal gown was custom designed by Jesus Peiro with a symbolic owl embroidered over the belt. Hair and make-up were done by Zima and Lauren. The guys stayed at a finca tucked up high on a hill just around the corner where they had a picnic, some cava and the accompaniment of a furry friend.
Mallorca Wedding Finca Comassema

“We want our wedding to be ELEGANT and FUN with traditional arrangements with a modern twist. Plenty of green and white florals, loads of LEMONS, show-cooking and a beer trough.”

Mallorca Wedding Finca Comassema
Once ready, our elegant couple headed through the windy mountain roads to Església de Sant Bartolomeu in the little nearby town of Alaró. This quaint little church was built in the year of 1626 and sits at the front of the town center. Every Saturday at 11:30 pm there is a free pipe organ concert open to the public! The interior lateral walls are lined with buttresses and lateral chapels between them. The majority of churches in Mallorca require flash photography with their thick walls, lack of windows and extreme darkness. In summer they can be excessively hot with only fans circulating the humid air and in the winter they are very cold.

Our groom was quite emotional while awaiting the bridal entrance and there were a lot of laughter and tears shared between himself and the groomsmen.

“There was no defining moment, I always KNEW she was the one. She brings out my inner cook and the ability to chill.”

The bridesmaids wore simple cotton light-blue wrap around dresses that were ankle length and patterned with small delicate flowers. Mallorca confetti exits thankfully require by law that the confetti be biodegradable and the couple chose small and delicate flowers of a variety of colours for their church exit. Many about-to-marry couples wonder about the logistics of the confetti exit. It’s one of the few staged shots during a wedding day. Once the couple has been pronounced by the priest they walk down the aisle and out the door together with the guests remaining inside. Nearly every church has a tiny side door somewhere and the couple circles around and comes back through as the guests filter outside. Once outside, your photographers explain to the guests where to stand and how to throw the confetti “up and not at the bride and groom”. The couple is cued to walk out and that’s how we get this amazing shot!
Just look at the courtyard at Finca Comassema, it’s cobblestone on all sides except the side with the view that extends out into the valley over the horizon. When wedding ceremonies are held at the finca, they are here with the couple and celebrant standing just in front of the stone fencing that hedges the expansive view. Since this couple celebrated their wedding in a church, they could use this space for the aperitivo, making it a unique experience for their guests in this fantastic setting.
The guests were led up the walkway to the aperitivo area by the walking swing band Monkey Doo who are famous for their fun approach and unique style. Their known to play banjo, washboards, trumpet and sing through a sort of walkie talkie and megaphone.

Grupo Amida organises the events at Finca Comassema and along with their planning services, they offer an amazing menu in their catering services, from cold and warm foods during the aperitivo through the sit down dinner. I have the pleasure to eat a lot of wedding food and am so happy when I get to work with Amida. The desserts are exquisite! Have a look at the colourful and detailed aperitivo set-up!
While the guests were enjoying the live cooking shows and unique cocktails, we headed back to the courtyard with the closest family and friends for group shots and the couple’s session. When the light is perfect it’s the right moment for these sessions and that often depends on the location of the venue and its orientation to the sun. With venues tucked into mountain peaks like Finca Comassema, the sunset is often an hour before the official sunset time. Working with local photographers is very important when it comes down to details like light.
The dining area was nothing short of magical, with hanging rattan lanterns, wicker chairs, tones of light blue and natural wood. Each guest’s napkin was hand embroidered with their name and a palm tree. Simple bowl vases and cups lined the center runner with touches of green leaves to match the natural foliage of the venue. Between the vases were tall, simple white candles in glass sheathes that were of varied heights. The overhead tungsten lighting gave the photos the touch of natural day light that photographers love – best advice is to avoid LED lighting for your photos!

“He makes me LAUGH everyday and cooks every single meal for me.”

Towards the end of the apertivo and prior to sitting down for dinner, there was a speech in the aperitivo area from the mother of the bride which was emotive, there were a lot of smiling tears. The white cloth you see around the bride’s wrist is the remains of her baby blanket.
The party began outside with the first dance and it was full on high-energy dance until you drop kind of party. The party started outside on the lawn next to the dining area and then moved indoors. In Mallorca there is a noise ordinance for events and at nearly every venue we need to go indoors at midnight. They created their own dance club with a hand stamp on entrance and plastic cups with their name and logo printed on them. The whole event was a HUGE success and the couple definitely realised their vision. It will be a Mallorca wedding that their guests will remember forever. Iconic!

Aimee captured our moments seamlessly and with such ease. She just fit in so well like one of our friends.