What's your editing style?
You've chosen me for my editing style! My signature editing style is colourful and softly vibrant, reflecting the colours of our Mediterranean backdrop. An occasional black and white photo could make it into the gallery if it fits. To see the outcome of my edits, please refer to the Instagram page!
What is the one thing you ask of your clients?
Wedding couples we ask you to trust us to be there to capture your moments and to only look into the camera if we ask you to. Portrait clients we ask you to meet us halfway by putting full energy into your session! Loose direction is always provided so you know feel confident while leaving room for spontaneity.
Do you use flash or natural light?
We prefer the depth and colours of natural, ambient lighting and will work with flash when necessary. It's highly recommended to work with your venue on ambient night lighting!
When will my images be ready and how are they delivered?
Even in this exceedingly fast digital age there is process to arriving to your final images and we want to love your gallery before sending it to you. Within 21 days you'll receive a hefty set of sneak peek images that tell the story of your day. We find clients love to have this and it takes the edge off waiting for the entire set. Within 90 days you will receive the full set in high resolution sent by a download link! Portrait clients receive their images within 14 days by download link!
How does the online gallery work?
You'll receive a link and password to your gallery where you can view and share your images. From the gallery you will be able to download the entire set in high resolution (for print) and low resolution (for web).
Do you offer albums and prints?
Absolutely and we love them! We've paired up with a printing company that offers high-end albums exclusively to photographers who have been vetted and accepted. You'll be able to access a full shop from within your gallery.
Can we meet you before taking a decision?
I love to have a face to face chat over an in-person coffee or by videoconference!
How do things work over mealtime?
Photography is a hungry job and we love to be able to sit down for dinner while you are also eating. We don't need a sit but do need to be close enough to see and hear for spontaneous photo moments.
What do the packages include?
Our packages includes an online consultation, photography/videography coverage of your day, an online, password-protected gallery, access to an online shop with albums, frames and prints.
What is the Aimee K Team and how does that work?
The Aimee K Team are established & professional photographer who do workshops with Aimee. The team is a great option when Aimee is already booked out but you want the signature look, feel and approach. It's also a great option for a more limited budget as the collaborative nature of a team approach offers a lower price point than Aimee K Exclusive packages. When working with the team, it's a studio approach, with Aimee handling the business side, timings of the day and the final edition of the images are done in-house.