Mallorca Branding Photographer Aimee K


You’ve probably got a list of burning questions and I’ve got a lot of answers! Feel free to book a video call. I would love to get to know you more.

My ideal client has a vision for their photos that is aligned with my shooting style and approach. Letting go and trusting me to capture your moments gives me space to be in my creative flow and results in beautiful images.

For weddings, I shoot primarily documentary style, letting the day unfold naturally so that my bride and groom feel unhindered by cameras. I also add a touch of portraiture and edgy editorial style for the couple’s session. I’m always looking for the most aesthetic and clean background with the best lighting conditions while anticipating where I need to be for the best shot. My naturally friendly nature can put you at ease and be a comfort on your big day. Clients have described my work as cinematic and romantic.

Portrait sessions are highly directed so that you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Previously, I had a career in which I spent a lot of time in front of the camera receiving direction from others and I believe that you benefit greatly from that experience. The end results are photos that have movement and spontaneity. Life never stands still and your photos should be full of life!

My signature brand style is light, colourful and airy. The mediterranean offers a beautiful natural backdrop of colour both architecturally and botanically. When you look back on your images in years ahead, I want you to feel how it was to be standing in your shoes at that moment. I tend to avoid trends like blurred images, sepia tones and dark exposures so that your images withstand the test of time.

RAW images don’t represent my final signature brand product and my editing style is a part of the overall process for which you are hiring me. Therefore, I never give raw files to clients, which is also standard industry practice. Your gallery selection is vetted carefully (think hours and hours of selecting through 2-4,000 images) for strong story telling and RAW files are like uncut movie footage.

Beauty editing has largely become a thing of the past. I ask you to work carefully with your hair and make-up artist to achieve the look you want. Also, avoiding tan lines is super important. That being said, I have a meticulous eye for anything that is out of place during our shoot – frizzy hair, clothing mishaps and the like. I’ve got your back!

For weddings, you’ll have a huge sneak peek with a stunning slideshow set to music within 21 days and the final gallery by 90 days. For lifestyle sessions, you’ll have your images within two weeks.

Our work is very hungry work and by the time dinner rolls around we’re so happy to sit somewhere nearby where we can see and hear what is happening so that we can easily jump up for your spontaneous moments between bites!

The Aimee K Team are proessional and established full-time wedding photographers who collaborate with me to offer packages at a lower price point with the end product reflecting my signature brand and style. The photographers attend workshops with me for consistency in approach and I do all of the editing in my style.

The photographers are vetted based on their professionalism friendliness and approachability. You want to be comfortable with your photographer! When you feel relaxed and can trust then we can capture images that show your natural, beautiful self!

First, you’ll want to fill in the contact form with your info so that I can check for availability. Next, I’ll send you package information and we can set up a video call to get to know each other more. You’ll also want to see some full wedding galleries before committing. After that, I put together your Client Portal which has a contract to sign online, an invoice for deposit and The Wedding Form in which you add important organisational information such as group shots list, timings, video songs selection and more. The onboarding process is all very straightforward and simple!

Every single special moment captured

Let’s begin your adventure and make a plan to capture your moments. You are going to feel amazing in front of my camera!