“We love the spontaneous way you capture MOMENTS, the ESSSENCE of our emotions”

“Possessions” are unique architectural structures that reflect Mallorca’s culture and history, often with some Arabic design influences incorporated into the Spanish style. They can date all the way back to the middle ages. Once considered rural hubs, these fincas were the center of the hustle and bustle of agricultural and farming activities on the island. Son Berga is an iconic possession whose land registry dates back to the year 1578. Today, you’ll see their herds of sheep lingering beneath the olive and orange groves. Celebrating your wedding in one of Mallorca’s historical possessions is definitely a memorable event for your occasion and a Mallorca Son Berga wedding is second to none.
Son Berga’s gardens are meticulously maintained and the abundance of foliage and flowers is breathtaking. Our couple complimented the natural surroundings of Son Berga with touches of decor in green foliage and white florals. Elisabet and Lucia, from Son Berga’s team, organised the wedding planning along with the talented florist Little Sister who specialises in creating unique environments for events.
Sebastian looked dapper in his unique white suit jacket and black bow tie. His look was classic yet contemporary in his white single cuff dress shirt with black buttons. The boutonnière worn on the left lapel matched the florals with green foliage and white florals. Undeniably, the overall look for both of them was elegant while being chic and fun.
Catherine, our stunning bride, adores fashion and wore a contemporary bridal gown by Australian designer Alex Perry. The bold and sleek lines of the dress accentuated the brides figure and complimented the groom’s suit perfectly. Well know Mallorquin actor, Toni Pons, was the magnetic and eloquent celebrant for this couple and he always knows how to move a crowd in Mallorca weddings. With the bride’s family speaking English and the groom’s family speaking Spanish, Toni catered to both equally with his talent in languages.

“What I do love about Catherine’s qualities is her COMPLICITY, they way that we connect in any instance of our day, the way she cares about me, the unique sense of HUMOUR, and the way she knows me is general is very special.”

After the confetti exit, the couple made their way to Sa Claustra, the inner courtyard of the possession which is surrounded by walls on four sides and complete with an old water well. Once inside, the caterers from El Jardin welcomed the bride and groom with cold cava. Food stalls dotted the sides of the courtyard offering show cooking and hot food while the wait staff served hot and cold finger foods. Acoustic music resounded throughout from our favourite folk singers Julie & Pep Toni.
Catherine was surrounded by her life-long best girlfriends throughout the entire day. Their strong connection between the entire group of woman was palpable. These friendships and these moments are to be treasured and just look at the photos of them together that reflect their bond. When they look back on these images in years to come my wish is that they feel exactly how they experienced this very moment, like magic.
The day is primarily documentary style photography meaning that the photos are unposed, natural and candid. The beautiful and elegant aesthetic of Son Berga is the truly a picturesque backdrop to authentically live the moments with family and friends. So, those candid moments are the ones where the real smiles and connection show through and in my opinion, are the most beautiful.

While the guests enjoyed the aperitivo during the golden hour, we meandered to the terrace overlooking the finca and valley below to shoot the couple’s session. My way of working the couple’s session is to have a loose concept of what I want to shoot yet being spontaneous and open to all possibilities to allow for the best lighting, backdrop and uniqueness of the moment. It’s important to me that the couple enjoy this time together as it’s the only time of day they have a chance to be alone and step back to see all the magic from a distance. The couple’s session is highly directed but also with space to allow for movement and playfulness. From my point of view, I want these images to show movement and spontaneity because life never stops and poses, life never stands still.
The dinner at Son Berga is held in the space called Es Pati is also nothing short of epic. The cobblestone, architecture, fairy lights and the sunset behind the mountain backdrop are simply magical. It really is a dream come true and then add a whole bunch of love to the mix and WOW! The bride and groom made their dinner entrance through the famous tall wooden doors that sit between La Claustra and Es Pati. The dinner design comprised long tables covered with white linen and topped with hundreds of white candles of varying sizes, green foliage and white florals. The design was perfectly consistent with the overall theme.
As a destination wedding photographer, I get to know my couples over a video call and if I’m really lucky, we can meet in person when they come to Mallorca for a hair and make-up trial or food tasting. So, for me the speeches serve to connect me even deeper with my couples. It always moves me profoundly to listen to the father of the bride tell about her childhood stories, the best man exposing the undoings of the groom and the groom declaring his love for his bride.
The bride and groom cut their cake and then held their first dance beneath the yellow fairy lights that hung from the tree just behind the main table. After that, she changed into a short and sexy party dress in which they did a second first dance set to rhythmic salsa music. Our groom is from Chile and the couple had recently done some salsa classes together!
The night ended fantastically with a great party of friends and family dancing the night away and relaxing in the chill zone where the cake was served as a midnight snack. It was the end of a breathtaking day of celebrating the love of this couple in a meaningful way amongst their loved ones in a spectacular setting!

Aimee captured every special moment and felt like a member of the family. We love you.






My signature brand style is light, colourful and airy, reflecting the vibrant colours of this beautiful island. I shoot documentary style with a touch of fashion editorial during the couple’s session.
As a long-time Mallorca local, the vendors and venues are my friends and community. I understand how to work best with the strong Spanish light and the special behaviour of the whimsical Mallorca sunset. I know the best secret places for your engagement or post-wedding sessions.
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