Who We Are

"There is so much beauty in our everyday and by "beauty" I do not speak of conventional beauty, but actually: harmony, truthfulness and that which is telling. The beauty most of us miss because we are looking down, too busy, or simply too clouded in our minds by preconceptions to see the inspiration and real beauty of our everyday world" ~ Josephine Cardin

We look for your story, for the existent beauty in you, the storytellers. Enhancing what is already there and looking for the natural and non-posed moments. Spaces between "time", connection between people, intimacy and fun. If you want to smile, we want to smile with you but we would rarely, if ever, ask you to smile.

Our stories that we tell are many and diverse, crossing ages and spanning time. We tell stories of love, family adventure, travel mysteries, of intimate moments, newborn hopes, faraway lands, sunsets, open seas and deserts. We find a story in every person, and look for the interwoven connections that make up what it is that is your landscape. Whether you are a young family, an elderly couple, travel adventurers, new parents, newlyweds or soon to be, we can show it and tell it in beautiful images by enhancing what is already there, in you. Some people call it documentary and others call it photojournalism. To us, it doesn't matter what we call it, but it really matters that we both appreciate it.


Our Story

Aimee K´s earliest career began in New York City at the age of 17 years old when an agency from Italy flew her to Milano to embark on a modeling career that spanned 5 years and several continents. During this time Aimee picked up her first camera and began shooting models in Milano and gained experience both in front and behind the camera. Aimee is a native born American, from the West Coast. She grew up amidst mountains, fresh rivers, open skies and takes her favourite color from nature, all shades of green - which is well reflected throughout her images.

Since moving to Mallorca Aimee´s demand for bookings increased and from that was born a collaboration between and a group of professional photographers and videographers who now form the Aimee K Team. The team attend workshops with Aimee to learn her style and approach to documentary style photography. Aimee K is available for exclusive sessions. The team is available for clients wanting the same look with a lower price point. In this spirit of collaboration, team members capture the images which are then individually edited by Aimee K to reflect her unique look and feel.

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