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Adventure has been the love of my life since forever. Growing up in the Cascade Mountains of the great Pacific Northwest was an adventure in itself. Fortunately, my insatiable sense of adventure and discovery is perfectly aligned with photography and island life. While working, I have the pleasure to meet other intrepid souls who fearlessly travel to new places and are willing to reveal themselves and their souls to my lens. This is so inspiring to me! Although my time with clients might be short-lived, its always a true delight and forms a part of the path on my life's journey. Experiencing awe-inspiring moments with my clients, from sunsets to clifftops and intimate weddings, brings me deep satisfaction and a sense of freedom. Now you know something about me and I would love to hear about you. Let's make some magic! To hear what clients have to say about me have a look here on REVIEWS.


Stole My Heart

Anyone who has spent time on this jewel of an island understands the appeal! Mallorca's nomadic residents are like-minded adventurers themselves and speaking Spanish has enabled easy integration with the locals. The varied terrain and seascapes of the island are inexhaustible and new places never cease to unfold. I feel so fortunate to work in so many stunning venues across the island and enjoy the best gastronomy that catering offers. Everyday that I step outside, I'm filled with the awe and wonder that is Mallorca. In other words, you could say that as a Mallorca Wedding Photographer, I am living my dream job in a dream place!

Some Favourite Things

Venturing to far away unknown places

Photography for work and play

Yog, Functional Training & Meditation
My two beautiful cats & The Dog

Documentaries full of random facts

The fireplace in winter

Eating out from fine dining to markets

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Recent Adventures....




Rented a scooter to explore the heritage sites and drove off road into local areas. The route included visiting the souther countryside and the deserted islands in the South.

Spent time in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem & Palestine traveling independently, I never join groups. Tel Aviv is so vibrant with so many artists and designers. Inspiring!

Meditation course in Cape Town. Epic landscapes. Long lunches at small vineyards with amazing wine tastings

and South Africa has the best food!